Selling Your Homes without an Agent: 5 Tips for Success

Selling Your Homes

Selling Your Homes

Some sellers are forced to sell their homes at a higher price to accommodate the commissions of the agents. Some sellers opt to sell the property without the agents to get the whole proceeds from sale. There are many ways and tools that can help you sell your homes faster even without the help of professional realtors and agents. If you think that it is better to do the selling with no agent, here are 5 successful tips that you may want to consider:

Tip no. 1: Price your home competitively

Make a thorough research of the price you will put on your home before you decide to market it. Use the internet to know the price of similar homes with comparable value. Make the price realistic and not based on the memories and sentimental value you have on the house.

Tip no. 2: Give your house for sale a good exposure

Anything that will help you expose your home should be maximized. Aside from the Multiple Listing Services, you may want to expose the property on your social media account or spend some amount for the newspaper ads or other local advertisements in your area. Flyers and other leaflets may help as well. You may also want to put a sign in your yard with contact details to let the community know that you are selling it.

Tip no. 3: List the house or property on different internet sites

There are many listing sites available on the internet where you can include your property for sale. Just make sure that you choose the sites because some of these sites are not being updated from time to time. Many buyers get frustrated when they see the ads and find out that most of the properties are already sold. It will end up that your listing will not be noticed.

Tip no. 4: Hire a Conveyancer

Legal matters should be properly taken care of. Whether the house is still on the negotiation process or the buyer decides to accept the deal, all your papers, including the mode of payment should be legally agreed upon. Your conveyancer can help you make the process easier and hassle-free. The mortgage, the deed of sale, the contract, and all the other papers and documents should be done legally.

Tip no. 5: Have a smooth turnover of the property

Once the deal is closed, leave the property on time as scheduled in a good condition it is expected by the buyer. Make sure that no other personal belonging is left in the vicinity of the property. In case you left a valuable item, you may no longer be allowed to go inside and get your items.
The option to sell your homes without an agent is indeed an advantage if you are prepared to do all the legworks required in marketing and selling it, and if you are ready to wait for the potential buyers to inquire of it.