Several Helpful and Money-Saving Plumbing Tips

“Escape of water” in your home can be a really tough thing to deal with and on the contrary to what many people think, it happens often. The best thing to prevent this kind of disaster from happening surely is hiring a good plumber, but with these few useful tips, you could greatly reduce the risk of heavy water damage to your house. What we have here are things professional plumbers suggest doing in order to prevent such disasters and save lots of money.

It is Easy, yet Priceless

Most of these things are precautionary and can be easily done, basically without any effort or hard physical work. The first thing you need to do is to find out where your stopcock is. Many people do not have an idea where it is located or what its purpose is. It is actually a valve that turns off or on the water system, so if the water starts rushing somewhere in your home, do not try and stop it at the place where the leaking started, but instead run to the stopcock and turn it in a clockwise direction. This will totally cut off the water supply and there will be no more leaking.


Another thing you ought to do is taking care of the pipes. Always keep your drains clean, do not put any food waste or grease down the sink. If it however gets stuck, some basic supplies you use every day can come in handy. For instance, pouring some baking soda or vinegar down the drain can prevent blocking or even unblock a stuffed pipe, since they burn almost anything that gets in their way. Annoying freezing pipes can give you a headache during the winter, so you should prevent this from happening by repairing any dripping pipes and shut off valves on any pipes leading to outside taps.

Reduce the Bills

There is so much advice regarding expenditure that can save you a fortune. Namely, if you follow these instructions, you can significantly reduce your water or repair bills. For example, if you perform regular checks there is a high chance of spotting problems, such as traces of water under faucets, washing machine or shower, or broken floor patches that could indicate a burst pipe. If you manage to detect this in time, the repair bill is probably going to be seriously reduced. Hopefully, you realized how important it is to do these checks, so do not take any chances and do it at least once a month.

Don’t Economize With Installation

Even though hiring professionals to take care of pipes and water devices can be expensive, but it is definitely worth getting them, since they can be true money savers in the long run, claim the professionals from LPZ Plumbing Services. First of all, they will work for a long, long time and they will work properly, which is essential. Do a little research before you head to the store and even the expensive showers, heaters, faucets and other stuff can pay themselves out in no time. For instance, if you have low-grade pipes, they will constantly be slightly leaking. It could seem irrelevant, a drop here and there, but if you calculate the amount of water wasted that way and how much money you could save if you put an end to it, you will be shocked. Do not forget that a pipe like this can become rusty or damaged in some other way very quickly.

As you can see, there are many useful things you can do yourself, but make sure that you always have a reliable plumber who is available 24/7 by your side, just in case things somehow go wrong.

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