Steps to Follow to Clean an Air Handler

At either end of a ventilation system there will be an air handling unit or a fan. The performance of the system depends on its cleanliness and it can be compromised if dirt is allowed to get accumulated inside the coils, on the fan blades and inside the chamber.

Heated or chilled air generated by an air-handling unit is done through condensation. The consequential moisture can cause decay to leak trays and floors. These can be repaired, which is by no means is expensive and coated properly, which would provide an alternative to replacing the entire unit.

Another thing which could be done is to change the filter. There are many filter suppliers who can provide bag and panel filters of different and specifications. Panel locks and seals can also get damaged over a period of time. These panel locks could either be replaced or repaired.

How to clean an Air Handler

There are certain steps, which needs to be followed in order to clean this device. All these steps needs to be performed very patiently, though they might appear to be very simple, it is always advisable that an expert or a professional did it, because one needs to be well educated about the interior of this machine. Steps are as follows:-

  • Unit needs to be dismantled (Step 1) – This section demands advanced A/C repair skills. You must check with manufacturer on warranty information. At first, A/C unit needs to be shut down from outside and coolant must be withdrawn in refrigerant line. After this refrigerant line can be detached inside. Condensation drain line at intersection also needs to be disconnected.Disconnect electrical connection at device end, before that make sure you turned power off. Once you have disconnected electric supply, you need to remove squirrel cage and remove and then coil.  Last thing which needs to be done in this step is to remove casing.
  • Cleaning handler (Step 2) – Start cleaning device by first getting rid of dirt accumulated inside casing. Antimicrobial solution can be used to clean coils .After sometimes, solution will turn coil white, and then it need to be rinsed properly with a hose.
  • Reassemble (Step 3) – Put it back. New insulated duct board should be to exact size so it sticks in and fits tightly around all sides of handler. Tape all joints with aluminium tape and wax them with a plastic rib. In order to further seal each seam, an extra coat of mastic glue cement should be applied. Replace panels back. Coils and squirrel cageare to be reattached. Refrigerant line and condensation drain line aretoo required to be reattached. Old filter is to be replaced with a new heavy-duty filter
  • Final touches (Step 4) – It is advisable to change filters at least once in a year. If allergies or you have pets in your home, try and change filter every six months.Repairing this unit doesn’t only require skills but a lot of patience. You will have to keep in mind to conduct a cleaning after a certain interval of period which will ensure that it runs smoothly for a long time.

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