There is Help for First Home Buyers


Buying a property is a defining moment for any young family, and it isn’t quite the obstacle course it used to be, with companies that deal with every aspect of home ownership. Financially, it is a big step to start paying a mortgage, and there has always been a scarcity of low-priced homes, which makes it even harder for a young person to take on board. Now there are alternative options, with companies that specialise in first time buying.

# A one stop service

First Home Owners Centre help first home buyers by finding the right property at the right price, as well as making sure the new owner receives any government grants they are entitled to. They will walk the buyer through the process, from securing finance and purchasing the land, to selecting the right design, choosing the right location, and dealing with local government. Then the new home is constructed and is ready for occupation.

# Townhouse living

Skinnies are the latest housing trend to reach Australia, and with slim line, two-storey properties located on prime development projects in Western Australia, there is a range of home and land packages for first home buyers. These are high quality houses, yet affordable for even the first time buyer, and with a choice of styles, one can find the right design.

# Single people

First time buyers are not limited to young couples, with many single professional people opting to own their own home, and there are companies that offer home and land packages for first home buyers, including single people. The skinny type development is ideal for single occupation, and affordable finance solutions make it within the reach of a single person.

# Property ladder

When is the best time to get one’s foot firmly on the first tread? The answer is ASAP, as land and house prices will not wait for a person to take advantage of the healthy profits. First time buyers are always faced with a dilemma, to suffer initially with the enormous repayments, or is it better to wait until incomes rise, and things are not so tight? Waiting will only make it harder, as the land will steadily increase in value, striving ahead of salary increases, delaying the start of the equity accumulation process.

# First time buying obstacles

Perhaps the reason why this new breed of builder has surfaced, is the inability of the young to own their own homes. Faced with sky high land and construction prices, they turn to rented property, until such time as they can comfortably afford to buy. If a person is considering purchasing land and having a house built, they need not worry about the details, as there are companies that will take care of everything, and with modern house design, it won’t cost the earth. Young people can now begin to accumulate some equity in their first property, which will enable them to move up the ladder comfortably, and have a secure financial future.