Thinking About How Your Garden Affects The Value of Your Property


Your garden plays a huge part in the overall value of your property. In fact, renowned economist John Harris claims that a well-groomed, maintained and landscaped garden can add up to as much as 28% to a property’s value. However, keeping a garden well-maintained is a huge task that needs daily attention in order to maximise its potential. This can be expensive as well as time consuming – two factors that any homeowner would be looking to keep under control. This means that your garden needs to be planned with efficiency in mind.

First impressions make all the different when trying to sell your house, and the garden is one of the first thing potential buyers will notice. In the end, a beautiful garden may make all the difference.

# Making Sure You Plan Ahead

Before you set out giving your garden a makeover it is crucial to plan ahead with a few key factors in mind: how easy it will be to maintain, how functional it will be and how it will eventually look to prospective buyers.

The first step is often clearing your original garden so that it is clean, clear and ready to be rejuvenated. Getting rid of the garden waste will usually require the help of a rubbish removal service (this kind of waste take up a lot of room and pose a hazard to your family). Once your garden has been stripped bare, it is time to start looking ahead.

Thinking about the target market of potential buyers of your home is a great way to identify trends that might dictate how your garden will look. Different markets have different tastes and moulding your garden to these preference is an important step in making that crucial first impression really count.

For example, a family home with three or more bedrooms will want to have a garden that focuses on clean, safe play space for children. This means a well-manicured grass lawn with few hazards (like bushes or cluttered pot plants). On the other hand, for a home suitable for a young couple or retirees, space for a vegetable patch and plants and entertaining may be desired.

Aside from these features, a garden also needs to appear functional, and this is equally important no matter which market your buyers are in. Making sure there is clear, defined space for necessities like bins and a clothes line is important. These fundamental features need not look unattractive, they just need to be clean and easily accessible. In this respect, planning ahead is crucial.

# Thinking About Style

Buyers will immediately be drawn to a sophisticated garden – a feature which may also reflect on the house itself. A well-lived-in house will usually have a garden with plenty of character and a very natural feel, however, when selling, this is usually not the right aesthetic. Clean, minimalist styling is far more effective in attracting potential buyers. Make sure all garden waste is out of sight by the time you are ready to sell!

Foundation planting is great way to ‘frame’ a house and draw the eye. This can be simple and elegant, like a row of flowers or plants with high mounds of soil, or something more bold like hedges or small trees. Island beds are also an excellent option as they are easy to maintain and customise.

It is wise to avoid basic landscaping packages offering from local nurseries or outdoor stores. Opting for a slightly dearer landscaping design will result in a more sophisticated garden. A garden with variety is very important, so making sure there is diversity in the plants chosen is very important. Opt for annuals and perennials as well as flowering shrubs and evergreen plants. Feel free to inject your own creative flair, but keep it elegant. Remember, maintenance and general upkeep can be time-consuming and expensive – simple sophistication is the key.

There you have it! Making sure your garden is as ready to sell as your home is very important and can have a huge impact on the overall value of your property. Keep it simple but well-considered. Know your market and plan ahead, and don’t be afraid to spend a little more to really make it shine, it could make a huge difference in the end.