Top 10 Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Tips to Boost the Value of Your House

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Tips

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Tips

Bathroom and kitchen, if you consider the modern definition of domestic class and elegance, are two finest places to visit in your grand house. Not only bathroom affords the luxury of most needed relaxing moments, but it also enhances the overall interior beauty of your house. Kitchen, amongst all, is no less important and wins you a clap and look of adulation especially at the time when your guests accidentally steps in and behold the polish and seamless convenience delivered by your kitchen organisation.

Having aesthetically lively bathroom and kitchen means increasing the overall value and worth of the house you reside in. They leave behind a remarkable first impression of style, organization and sophistication if maintained and designed excellently. So if you are planning unique kitchen and bathroom renovations and want to make visible difference to your house decoration and personality, here are top 10 riveting tips that will help you transform the charm of your house and boost its aesthetic value.

Kitchen Renovation Tips:

Kitchen Renovation Tips

Kitchen Renovation Tips

#1. Kitchen Walls Décor

If it is your kitchen, painting walls or applying a stucco of bold colors will spoil the broth for you. Have wallpapers and wall coverings of light colors. Choose teal, magento or blue with much lighter shade in a wide-spaced square pattern. Even white tiles with flowery pattern can work, too. Don’t overdo the wall design or you will compromise on lighting effects in the kitchen.

#2. Make Cleaning Easy

Investing some time in carefully designing a kitchen will allow you to think of how much time you spend cleaning your kitchen. Certain design implementations can make kitchen cleaning short and easy. The sense of ease should be there in your kitchen and bathroom renovations agenda. For instance, flush-built or undermount sinks are good at eliminating crumbs and leftover particles so sink rim will remain clean and free. Having matte finishes instead of glossy ones reduces the possibility of storing dirt and stains.

#3. Illuminate The Kitchen Properly

Lighting the kitchens efficiently is an important slice of the whole kitchen renovation. Shed more light at the area where countertop is situated and also on dinner table. To ensure your kitchen gets maximum natural light, try to place all its content in a way that does not block the sunlight coming in through the door or window.

Kitchen Renovation Tips

Kitchen Renovation Tips

#4. Countertop Crafts

People who are fond of cooking a lot more than usual routine and invest great time and efforts preparing unique dishes need more space for countertops. Countertop is an important consideration if you are planning kitchen and bathroom renovations. Double countertop setting increases overall height and makes the operations like baking convenient. It also works well for kids who visit kitchen on and off.

#5. Decide What Stays Where

If you are yet to plan the ultimate design of Kitchen Island, consider the approach of form embracing the function. If you have a dining area tucked right into the kitchen space, optimize the safe distance between cooktop and dining zone. Many home refurbishment experts suggest such kitchen and bathroom renovations strategy that house this kind of idea of bringing Kitchens Island alive.

Bathroom Design Renovations Tips:

Bathroom Design Renovations Tips

Bathroom Design Renovations Tips

#6. Vanity Is Much Loved Insanity

Decluttering the bathroom from excess of things is the best way to enhance its beauty. Vanities can do it better since it lets you store all your bathroom and grooming essentials all the while giving bathroom quite a dashing look. The ideal kitchen and bathroom renovations plan must include designing the vanity combined with mirror glass. It will primp the area and remodel your bathroom without losing the luxury of space.

#7. Sliding Door Luxury

The floor area of your bathroom deserves the unique space management treatment, which makes your kitchen and bathroom renovations plan precise. So if you have limited space or you want to stuff more items inside, then wasting money on swinging doors will only consume unnecessarily more space. Instead, pocket door or barn door slides sideways conveniently without the need for any clearance, offering you the facility of space that can be utilized for further storage and design fixtures.

#8. Shelves and Niches

Do you need a place to store your bath essentials like shampoo, soap, razor and facewash in your shower? Having a plastic solutions for this purpose will spoil the attractive design. Now a day individuals prefer to build in-the-wall shelves or niches made of tiles. This kind of setting doesn’t interrupt your free movement under the shower and they look attractive enough.

Bathroom Design Renovations Tips

Bathroom Design Renovations Tips

#9. Splurge On Floor Tiles

It is okay to splurge on one classy feature that you know is going to define the look, style and feel of the whole bathroom space. If you can flex the budget for kitchen and bathroom renovations strategy, go ahead. You may choose to cut the costs for other fixtures and spend some good bucks on something that will add grace and adulation in the face of your bathroom. For those looking for a good-looking and enduring material, ceramic style bathroom floor works wonder. It is waterproof and will never be out of style and it is the first thing people notice as they step in.

#10. Specially Designed or Automatic Faucets

Stylish and aesthetically spectacular faucets are not a new thing anymore; however, if saving water, a little more is what concerns you, then it is better to choose motion-sensing, touch-free faucets. This is a unique idea that will make your kitchen and bathroom renovations interesting. Motion-activated faucets not only relieves you from physical touch, but its automatic sensing mechanisms allows you to spend water as much as you desire. They will stop releasing water flow the moment you withdraw your hands so that when you are brushing your teeth, you can save substantial amount of water.