Top 8 Benefits of Glass Balustrade

Everybody wishes to get that flawless, chic and sophisticated look in their homes by using the right materials and designs. Glass balustrade is an excellent choice in achieving this goal. They are just amazingly attractive and have a whole lot of other benefits too. Read on to find out why it’s time to get rid of those traditional balustrades and get glass installed.

What is a Glass Balustrade?
Balustrades are typically some sort of fencing or a barrier that provides protection against falling off of somewhere or preventing entry. Examples are staircase balustrades, balcony etc. Traditionally balustrades were constructed out of wood or concrete and the most common type used to be the design in which a row of posts was used between two horizontal bars. This article now looks at the popular modern choice which is glass. Glass barrier can be frameless or framed. They can even be semi-frameless or completely frameless depending on your taste. The material obviously is unbreakable, tempered glass or structured glass or safety glass. You also have the option of textured, opaque, curved or solid glass.

The Numerous Benefits of Glass Balustrades

  1. These are versatile to say the least and you can be used practically everywhere around the house wherever any kind of barrier is needed.
  2. There are different textures and deign available so there is no dearth of choices for whatever type of décor you have.
  3. Glass looks great both in a house with traditional as well as modern décor.
  4. It is completely safe. Unlike the traditional balustrade where numerous accidents have been reported when a single post or two broke and children fell through; the material being used is strong tempered glass making this incident impossible. Now, even if it breaks, it does not break into shards causing serious injuries. You will get enough time to rectify any damage because it can easily be seen.
  5. It allows for excellent lighting. Hence, anywhere that you need a barrier and at the same time you do not want to obstruct light; go for glass balustrades. Moreover, if you want the beauty of your garden or pool to be visible from afar but want to prevent encroachment then there is nothing better than glass balustrade.
  6. Staircases: If you have ever dreamt of a beautiful floating staircase like the one in your childhood fairy tale book then it’s time to realize that dream. Glass staircase balustrades actually give that appearance. For houses that have elderly and children and want additional safety; you can always have an extra railing on top of the glass frames in steel. Moreover, this is not restricted to the interiors; you can easily use glass on the exterior staircase too.
  7. Balconies: just close your eyes and imagine a glass balustrade in your balcony. At once; you can see sunshine entering your room through the open balcony door and lighting up your house. Sunshine in the house gives a happy feeling and you will feel its positive energy as you move about the house doing daily chores cheerfully. The size of the balcony is not a problem. However, once you install glass balustrades in your balcony; the area and your house in general with the extra lighting will look bigger and more spacious.
  8. Now, a very popular use of this material for fencing is around the pools. There are numerous reasons for this popularity:
    • They provide a clear view of the pool; this means that you can watch your kids playing around or in the water from a distance and immediately rush to help if there is a problem.
    • The transparent and seamless glass frames look absolutely stunning and allow the beautiful design of your pool area to be visible to all visitors from the entrance of your property itself. The transparent panels make the property look larger too.

Lastly; glass is practically maintenance free and will last you for a long time. The posts that are used or the frames that are used to hold the glass panels are rust proof which means that it’s going to look new for a long time. Its durability, versatility and strength along with its inherent transparent characteristic make glass balustrades the most sought after in modern décor.

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