Using Canvas to Stage Your Home

One of the best ways to stage your home is by updating and increasing your art collection. Canvas prints, in particular, make this process easy, affordable, and effective so that you can appeal to potential homebuyers looking to make your house into their home. After all, everyone loves gallery-quality and customizable art, right? But how does canvas art work into the staging process, and what practical steps are there to get these great art pieces hung on your walls so you can stage your house to sell? The process is actually very easy, and can make a huge difference in the staging of your home!

Canvas Painting

Canvas Painting

Canvas prints can be a part of the staging process in several ways. First, they can liven up walls, and, since they’re easier and more affordable than totally repainting your house, can cover up a less-loved wall color or make it less noticeable. Think about a great modern art print on a not-so-exciting wall color – without repainting an entire wall, you can have a whole new look! While staging a home, money and time can be at a premium, so canvas prints can save you both while still allowing you to create a new and fresh look.

Second, canvas art is great for fitting into awkward spaces that need art but are hard to decorate. Canvas prints can be custom-sized for a variety of sizes and shapes, from small squares to large rectangles, solving the problem of hanging art in small nooks and large blank walls. This is especially important when staging a home, as you want potential homebuyers to see the possibility in a home, not just its structure. Making it easier for them to imagine your house as their home while using beautiful canvas art is a win-win!

Third, staging a home can often be a game of hurry up and wait, and showings can happen more quickly than is comfortable from a planning perspective. Luckily, canvas art is very portable and easy to hang, making it convenient to “redecorate” for showings and for different types of potential homebuyers. Canvas art also comes with gallery-quality wrapping, making frames unnecessary, saving you time and money. Canvas art can also arrive ready to hang, and, since canvas art is so lightweight, no special hanging tools are needed. The quality and ease of hanging, as well as fast shipping times, make canvas art a great part of the rush of the staging process!

Finally, canvas art can be a great part of staging a home to appeal to a certain type of potential homebuyer. If you’re showing your house to a family with children, why not stage one room to be a potential child’s room? With canvas art, you could order some prints of children’s characters or some beloved childhood art of your own and make a more kid-friendly space. Or, if you have children, you could order a canvas art print of their drawings to show that your home is a great home for children. If your potential buyers have a dog, how about a canvas art print of a dog, or of a great local park that your realtor could mention? The possibilities are endless! As a bonus, since canvas art is so affordable, you could easily leave any prints the potential buyers loved as a welcome gift for their new home!

Canvas prints can be an essential part of the staging process, but, more importantly, it can be an enjoyable, stress and money-saving, and fun component to selling your house. Staging and moving are stressful enough without worrying about your art – canvas art can make your house look like a welcoming home for potential homebuyers with ease due to the ability to customize prints in both size and image, the ability of canvas art to arrive quickly and ready to hang, and the many ways in which you can use canvas art to make your home as appealing as possible.