Ways To Make Your Home Look New Again

Paint the exterior
If your home is looking tired and old, you may feel like moving house is the only way to live in a new-looking property again! However, there are a number of other ways that you can effectively improve your home’s curb appeal. Consider doing one or even all of the following things to make your place look new again.

# Paint the exterior

If your home is looking old, how about giving the entire exterior a fresh lick of paint? Peeling, chipped and cracked paint never looks good, and it only adds to how old the property looks. Check out a house painting gallery for inspiration as to the type of color and finish you want. Be sure that whatever you pick is acceptable for where you live. A pale pink house might be welcomed in some countries, but maybe not so much in your town. If you break any rules, you’ll be forced to repaint again, which will be both costly and time-consuming. Go with white or gray, however, and you’ll be onto a winner. Even if you think this is a tad plain, remember that there will be other ways to jazz it up. You can paint the front door- which we’ll get to in second, or the garage door. We’ll get to that now!

Fit a new garage

# Fit a new garage

A new garage door is something that could be more or less expensive than a repaint. This is because it depends on what material you go for. It also depends on whether or not you want fancy security features or just a simple lock. If you don’t want to replace the door, just repaint it instead. Be sure to do it when the weather is fine, and leave it to dry for an ample amount of time. Be sure you pick up waterproof paint as well.

Repaint the Front Door

# Repaint the front door

Just like painting your garage door, painting your front door is likely to be a much smaller task. It will take less time as there is typically less surface area to cover. As a result, you won’t need to spend as much money on paint. Think about the fact that when you have guests, this is probably where they enter. It is making a first impression on your guests, so repainting it could make a big difference. Again, if you do it yourself, be sure you go for waterproof paint! Get creative with the color. How about a bold red, or for something more demure, like a duck egg blue.

# Replace the roof

A brand new roof does more than making a home look newer. It gives the place a total face lift! This, like painting the exterior, is a job that you’ll need professionals for. The task might be pretty straightforward, but once you get up there, a single misstep means a long fall. Don’t risk it.

Overhaul your garden

# Overhaul the garden

The newest home in the world can be made to look decrepit by an overgrown and poorly maintained garden. Overhaul your garden; mow the lawn, get rid of the weeds and clean your pots at the very minimum.