What to Look for When You Find Electric Hoists on Sale

What is an electric hoist? An electric hoist is a device used to lift or lower objects in a vertical plane. Generally, the hoists are attached to a hardware that allows them to move horizontally, increasing their utility significantly. You will find plenty of manufacturers producing electric hoists and sell these along with accessory equipment, and they are available through hardware stores, catalogs, and are available online as well. When purchasing a hoist, you need to buy the right weight rating. This will help you because with lot of use it will not wear out or damage.

Electric Hoists

Electric Hoists

Hoists have been in use for over thousand years to help people move loads from one place to another. A block and tackle pulley system was used initially for the functioning of hoists. With the technology improving in all segments, hoists using motor for power was used. This was way better than manual hoists! Electric hoists use an electric motor to operate.

Electricians can wire the electric hoist system directly into an electrical system with electric cables. You will find a huge range of hoists that are capable to lift different weights. Thus, the power of these electric hoists also varies, depending on the design. A hook is attached to items that will be lifted with the hoist. A sturdy and strong chain may be used with higher-rated hoists for safety purposes. Strong ropes can be used for lighter weights.

Some other types and subtypes that you can look for when you have

Lifting Medium Types

    • Welded Link Load Chain: Series of interwoven formed and welded links


    • Roller Load Chain: consists of a series of alternately assembled roller links and pin links


  • Wire Rope: Core, strands and wire that comprise a strand.
Electric Hoists

Electric Hoists

Operation Types

    • Hand Chain Manual Power: Consists of series of interwoven formed welded or un-welded links accordingly. A hand chain suspended from the hoist which is pulled manually.


    • Electric Power: You will see that the control device has push buttons that boost, through an electric motor & other electrical component.


  • Pneumatic (Air) Power: Works like the electric power hoist but it consists of a series of valves and other air components, an air motor.

Suspension Types

    • Hook Mounted: These hoists have a top hook on the hoist frame that is used to suspend the hoist from


    • Lug mounted: Lug mounted hoists have a lug mounting attached to the top of the hoist frame and is an essential & vital part of the hoist


  • Trolley mounted: All the above hoists can be suspended with the help of a trolley and will be called trolley mounted.
Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist

People look for electric hoists to install their garage where they use it for various reasons. One example is to lift the front of the riding mower to clean under the deck and to remove the blades for sharpening. Commercially it is installed in front of the shops to at a higher level to move products in. Our favorite is a Mini Electric Wire Hoist. It works well when mounted to a trolley and a beam. Look for a 2 inch square bracket for installation.

Now that you have an idea of different types of trolleys, you can identify what you need in an electric hoist sale. Upon searching the internet, you will find zillion sellers from Amazon to ebay to china products as well. Compare prices reviews and sell what suits your budget and need.

When you order them online, you will get a free delivery and payment on delivery options.