What Would You Choose Between Ducted Air Conditioning and Split Systems?

Ducted Air Conditioning and Split Systems

Ducted Air Conditioning and Split Systems

When you are faced with a couple of options as a solution to a common problem, you often find yourself dithering from one choice to another. The same thing is applicable when it is the question of what air conditioning system to choose if asked to pick from ducted air conditioning and split systems. How to be sure what you select is right for you and you will not regret your decision upon implementing any one from the two.

You might be renovating your family house or you might equally be a business owner and your premise needs a better, highly efficient and most effective air conditioning solution. Or maybe you have decided to sell your home and are keen to elicit competitive returns after selling it. Among all other aspects of your property, air conditioning system is the one that ought to be considered for enhanced value and better price.

This brings you down to finding an air conditioning system that befits the ambience of your house, lifestyle and budget criteria. Being extra meticulous about the final purchase of AC system will pay off well because the hasty decision and bad move will results in unfavorable consequences. Getting a little educated about the usability and applications of both ducted air conditioning and split systems will remove the cloud off your final judgement. Here is what you need to know before you fall for either of them two:

Ducted System and its Application


What makes ducted air conditioning arrangement different from split systems is that the entire unit is kept away from the view of the user and positioned somewhere outside the property, mostly in the roof space of the property where it remains unobtrusive. The cooled air emitting from the system is then carried by hidden ducting and eventually ushered to multiple rooms within the building to condition the air. Vents, although, are visible in the rooms.

# Pros

The most significant advantage of ducted air conditioning is that it will help you maintain the even temperature within the whole property through central control achieved using thermostat. Because of evenness of temperature within multiple rooms, the health of your flooring, furniture, kids and pets are secured.

Another convenience offered by ducted system is that some models are designed to act like zoned system in which you have facility to turn off the cooling in those rooms that are not used.
Zoned ducted system also allows you to cool different room at varied temperatures depending on your needs.

You can also install specially designed ducted system that has reverse cycle units. This kind of specially designed ducted system is capable of heating your home in the time of winter.
Ducted is system is a lot quieter and more efficient if installed to cover the air conditioning for the whole property where you have planned to stay for a long time.

# Cons

Apparently, due to the ducted arrangement and proper distribution of cooled air, ducted system is more expensive than a split system.

The idea of installing zoned system comes with more added cost along with the greater initial cost of detailed ducted arrangement.

It is more suitable for larger properties with multiple rooms, which suggests for smaller properties, it may not make as much sense.

Split Systems and Its Application

The split air conditioning system is normally found in many offices with moderate space and limited number of rooms. In this system, the condenser is installed outside the house on a wall whereas its head unit stays hung inside on an interior wall.

# Pros

The primary advantage of split system is that it is more economical than ducted system and refrains from hurting your budget constraints because its installation does not demand high expenses. Its operational cost is also noticeably smaller than ducted system.

Since it can comfortably fixed as separate units for individual room, it is the best choice for single room air conditioning as is most applicable in apartment living, double storey dwellings or small office spaces where installing ducts is a little unfeasible.

It is remote-operated system, allowing you to control the temperature of the zone with a single press of button.

# Cons

Split system often suffers from questionable criticism of being potentially harmful to your physical health, arguable affecting human skin and bones due to direct impact of cooled air.

Additionally, since condenser unit is located outside the property not so discreetly, it is seen affecting the aesthetic street appeal of the building. This factor may prove to be considerable for reputable offices and residences and will increase the chance of spending extra money on plants and other decorations to conceal the obtrusive presence of the unit outside the house.

Also, there is a minor issue with split system – it is noted that split AC system hinders your willingness to decorate the interiors of the room where is it installed.

What to Choose?

This is the ultimate question: what to choose between ducted air conditioning and split systems? Many a time, due to great convenience and control offered by Split systems, people tend to gravitate towards installing split AC. For residential living, it wins over ducted AC system and sounds like an ideal solution as you think it will increase energy efficiency as well as add amazing value to your property. However, ducted AC system has its own benefits if taken into account the larger space of property. You can refer to the pros and cons of both the system and its suitability based on lifestyle, property conditions, floor plan and budget before you take a final firm decision.