Why Use Vinyl Plank Flooring for Home Gym

Isn’t it great that now you have a gym at home where you can workout and even call some friends and family members to join you. But do you realize that your gorgeous wooden floor would bear the brinks of this heavy equipment? The drop of a dumbbell or the thud of the extra weights is going to leave scratches and marks all over the floor. And it is quite disheartening to see this damage occur time and again. But a great option here would be using vinyl plank flooring which is a savior in this reference and has multiple benefits like-


One of the factors to keep in mind here is that when you have a home gym, things are likely to get moist, humid and sweaty. Plus considering that you are also going to be using shoes and all kind of equipment here, it would get dirty too! Thus, the vinyl plank flooring is one of the fuss-free forms of flooring that you can get. With these floors you can be assured of quick cleaning and easier maintenance. Once your session is over, all that you need to do is take a mop and swipe the floor. You can put disinfectant on the floor, use a bit of soapy water, etc. No need to wax, polish or do all the other hard work that is involved with the wooden floors.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring


In the home gym, you will notice that there are water bottles on the floor and there is a risk of water spilling too. The wooden floors are not really compatible with anything related to water. But the vinyl plank flooring is quite resistant to water. With all of this moisture you don’t have to worry about your floor being wrecked. The water resistant flooring really works out well in this reference and reduces time and effort again.


Another perk that these vinyl plank flooring provides you includes the easier installation and removal. These are not as complicated as the wooden ones. So after a couple of years if you decide to change or convert the home gym room into an office or kids room or other similar space, you can just take this off with ease. Considering that your vinyl planks were atop your base floor, you will notice that there are no visible marks left behind. In particular, the heavy machines, dumbbells, etc. all leave behind a terrible mark. Once the planks are removed, you will note that your floor is completely safe!


These are extremely durable, with many manufacturers backing their products with warranties of 15 years or more. If maintained properly they can last for well over 20 years.


There are versatile designs available for your home gym. In particular, you can get a shade or style that is rather similar to the wooden ones you have laid out. So actually no one would be able to tell the difference and yet you have your floor safe.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Design

Vinyl Plank Flooring Design


Besides all of this, there is also the cost factor involved here. With vinyl you get all of the above benefitsat low cost. You can also be assured that there would be minimal hassles in installing and costs involved on that end too. Reduced expenditure here also comes with the added advantage of durability and low maintenance.

So the next time you are considering to convert a room into a home gym, you may want to lay it out or install vinyl plank flooring.