Windows and Curb Appeal: Perk Up Your Home’s Exterior

Windows And Curb Appeal

It’s easy to think of the windows of our homes as little more than utilitarian appliances; they let in the light, and keep out the cold – and more often than not, those are our main interactions with them from within our homes. From the outside, however, they do more than that. Because of the large amount of visible space they occupy in our houses, they are able to contribute a great deal to the style and character of our homes. It takes just a little effort, however, to make sure that they do so in a positive way.

# Keep them fixed up

A lack of effort in keeping your windows, and by extension your home, in good repair is hard to hide. Nothing detracts from the look of a thing more than allowing it to deteriorate. Keep your windows’ paint jobs updated, and where necessary, repair or replace broken or deteriorating sections, such as cracked or broken window panes, and rotten or otherwise damaged portions of the window frame.

# Keep them clean

As bad as letting the windows go to rot is leaving them dirty and grungy. How can you show your windows off to their advantage if you don’t take the time to clean them?

Windows And Curb Appeal

# Call attention to them

With your windows clean and in good repair, you need to be able to draw the eye in to them. There are many ways to highlight your windows. Painting the frame in contrasting trim, for example, is a good way to focus viewers’ sights on your windows. Decorative shutters work, too, in helping enhance the look of your windows.

Depending on how visible your indoors is from the outside, window treatments like curtains, blinds, etc., can serve as decoration both from the inside and the outside.

Windows And Curb Appeal

Adding other features to your windows, such as a window box, also works to draw attention to your windows, especially if you add colorful plants to the window box, in colors that contrast with or complement your home or window’s colors.

# Match your neighbors

Windows And Curb Appeal

While you want your home to be memorable, you don’t want it to stand out like a sore thumb, either. Part of curb appeal is being able to look good without overly departing from the neighborhood norm. Look around your neighborhood and see what styles, designs, and colors work for your neighbors.

Just as important is to look at what doesn’t work. Look around the neighborhood for window features that just don’t quite look right. Think of the features that you do have on your windows, and imagine how they’d look on other houses. Maybe those window bars don’t look so good after all? How about those louvers, do they look good on that house? Sometimes it takes seeing a design feature on something other than your own home to be able to see it in an objective light.

Ultimately, curb appeal is a subjective thing, and will depend a lot on your own personal sense of style and aesthetics. It’s important to remember, however, that the different factors that contribute to curb appeal don’t exist in a vacuum. You need to keep an open mind and have a healthy imagination to maximize your home’s, and your windows’, curb appeal.

Author Bio:
Alex Esler works as a Marketing Manager for Renewal by Andersen. Working at her area’s local, family-owned RBA dealership, her eagerness to help and positive outlook on life keep her driven and inspired by her work and the causes she cares about.